La Capitana di Venezia

The Transom and Ornaments

The command and state galleys were outfitted with numerous elaborate frets and paintings to make them stand out. For example, the deck of the main bridge were the ship commanders sojourn, was coated with elaborate parquet and wood inlays. I used mahagony and oak for the inlays on my model. The figures and ornaments on the transom as well as the special frets along the ship were first cut out of wood. Only the faces were modeled out of an existing doll head. Silica molds were constructed out of these samples and multiple figures were cast out of resin. A button and an earring where used as a template for the frets along the boards. All 400 parts as well as all that glitters like gold were gold-plated from real 24-carat gold leafs. The resin parts were coated in glue and subsequently a thin gold-leaf was laid and pressed upon. The gold-leafs were coated with a cellulose lacquer for protection. About 1000 gold-leafs (4.5cm x 4.5cm each) were used all over the ship.