La Capitana di Venezia

The Hull

To keep the weight at a minimum, I am building the hull with glass-reinforced plastic instead of the classical beam construction. As a start I make a positive mold out of wood, building foam and putty. It has to be as perfect as possible because a negative mold will be laminated from it. About 25 kg of polyester resin was used for the negative mold. At the end it was washed by a car polish for 8 times, in order for it to be as smooth as possible. Now I have the hull laminated in this mold, where I needed about 10 kg of white polyster resin. Before I took the hull out of the negative mold, the 24mm multiplex sideboards were laminated in order to give the hull more stability for its length. The hull was finally separated from the negative mold with a little effort. The bow thruster was now built in for better manouverability. Cables pass through the sideboards so that the canons can be ignited later. Fourteen traverse ribs were built in to stabilize the hull across its breadth.

A mercenary sits proudly in the crow’s nest underneath the venetian flag.
Assembly of the bow from a side-view.
An airbrush-painted doll as the first prototype for the remaing oarsmen.