La Capitana di Venezia

The Deck

A special feature of the deck is that it is 90% removable, even with a length of 1.60m. In this way it is easy for me to access the fixed engine, the mechanical and the electronic parts. The deck, the gangway and the sideboards are made of multiplex wood in order to provide better stability for the planks that were made out of obeche wood. I stained these with dark oak beforehand. The footholds and the benches as well as the forward assembly were also cut to measure using obeche wood. All parts were either kept in their natural color or stained with dark oak. The officers’ deck was fixed with about 3000 nails.

Front view of the bow with its 5 main canons.
The navigator at the stern, controlling the rudder.
The 5 main canons are made from solid brass.