La Capitana di Venezia

The Crew

The oarsmen are comprised of 134 dark-skinned, muscolous, hard-trained, nearly naked men that were hired from Switzerland. It was not that easy to find a doll in scale 1:12, especially if it had to be fullly movable and able to simulate oar movement as realistically as possible. Through the dollhouse hobby of my girlfriend, I learned about the company Heidi Ott from Switzerland. They had a doll that met all the requirements: The doll is made up of 34 parts, whereby each limb is connected through joints and therefore being fully movable. Three men are required to sit on a bench if the scale of the dolls with today’s average height of 1.80m was going to used. The average height of a man in 1571 was about 1.60m, and therefore 5 men were required to move an oar. The oarsmen were given an individual treatment (eg. various skin colors, veins, chest hair, dirt patches, etc) with an airbrush to avoid looking like clones. An additional 50 mercenaries were awaited on the ship. Even background noise was thought of, for example, orders, drumbeats, whippings, etc). Only the authentic smell was avoided in respect of the viewer… If one has to believe historical beliefs, one always smelled a galley three days before it was sighted… This and other detailed plans are still not completed for 2006.