La Capitana di Venezia

The Armament

The canons are made from solid brass and can be loaded (front-loader) with gunpowder. They are ignited with a filament that is lit through a short... at the displeasure of the ducks in the lake… The armament comprises of 17 canons: Twelve swivel-guns each with a length of 9.5cm and five canons on the bow: 2 pieces at 13cm each, 2 pieces at 16cm each and the main cannon is 32.5cm long. The total weight of the 17 canons is 4kg, whereas the middle main canon already weights 1.8kg alone. Additionally, numerous hand weapons (such as swords, sabres and rifles) for the matching mercenaries will be included.

Close-up shot of the sideboard with 24-carat gold-leaf frets.
Detailed shot of the transom with ist ornaments out of 24-carat gold-leaf.
The swivel-guns on the sideboard.