La Capitana di Venezia

Building of the “La Capitana di Venezia” in scales 1:25 and 1:16

I was always fascinated with model building since I was 8 years old. I received my first RC model when I was 12. A few quick construction sets later, I found what I was looking for in the catalog „Modellbaupläne“ from the publishing house for Technique and Handwork: The building plan for the “La Capitana di Venezia”. The ship fascinated me with its uncomparable elegance and magnificent decor. I had only one problem: I wanted to see the gallery sail and the building plan in scale 1:50 was too small. So I increased the scale to 1:25 thereby achieving a length of 1.80m.

As I never finished a ship from just building plans, sketches or photos, I didn’t know that all these brought a lot of effort and worries with them.

Eventually the 1st galley sailed on water. The sight was so nice that I had thoughts of a bigger model. Thought – Done. In 1999 I began building the “La Capitana di Venezia” as a functioning model in scale 1:16 and with a length of 2.70m. In 2004 I trusted myself and found the courage to go out of my modelling cellar and was allowed to present the galleys at various fairs. I was pleased with the positive reactions of the visitors and the numerous spontaneous comments. Only the most asked question “Where is the crew?” I could not answer. The ship was definitely too small!