La Capitana di Venezia

How did I come about building models?

When I was still 8 years old, my parents gave me a plastic airplane from Revell as a present. My curiosity for models was aroused, and I frequently used my pocket money to buy other plastic models. At the beginning my patience and skill was really tested to the limits, and my father had to help me with the building quite often. After some time I could also master the challenging ship models from Airfix and Revell.

When I was 12 I received my first RC model for Christmas. The „Löschkreuzer Weser“ from Graupner. I was now stricken with RC model building fever, as I could sail this ship on water.

Some quick construction kits later, such as racing boats, motor yachts and sailing boats, I searched, together with my brother, for a special challenge. A type of model ship that I still didn’t see on water.

We probably found what we were looking for in the catalog „Modellbaupläne“ from a publishing house for Technique and Handwork: The “La Capitana di Venezia” as a fixed model in the scale 1:50 and with a length of 90cm. I was fascinated by this ship with its uncomparable elegance and magnificent decor. And thus I began with the planning for building the Galley “La Capitana di Venezia”.